Wine cellar

“Winemaking is like
writing a song

Wine is fresh and a pleasure to drink. A harmony created from several precise elements: the position of the grapevines, the climate, terroir and the know-how of the winemaker.

Winemaking is like writing a song. The melody is composed in the wine cellar: the right notes are chosen, the lyrics are written to complement the music and the end result is enjoyed by the public. The best bunches of grapes are chosen, the most suitable selected to be transformed from grape juice into wine and only once it is ready will it be tasted by the public.

That is how the Valentini family describes their winemaking, their days spent in the vineyards harvesting the grapes by hand, and for their passion to excel, driving their desire to continue to experiment because although the grapes are not the same every year, the wine must always maintain its excellence.

“We desire to continue to experiment, because although the grapes are not the same every year the wine must always maintain its excellence.“

The oak barrels and barriques of varying dimensions are an all important part of the refinement process. The choice between the different sizes, the origin, whether from France or from further away in America, whether new or used comes down to an accurate process which is trialled, updated and perfected over time. Which explains “wine improves with aging”