04 | Story

“I said so, and he took the cup and drank: and greatly enjoyed drinking the sweet wine and asked me for another one too.”

The story of the Valentini family starts with a journey inspired and driven
by a strong bond to the land
and nature. Giovanni Valentini chose to broaden his horizons, leaving Trentino
and searching for a new territory
where he could cultivate and nuture his greatest passion – winemaking.


This story describes his grand passion which has been handed down to the next generation, inspiring and intriguing Giovanni’s children who have decided to follow in his footsteps to build an even bigger dream together.


Chiara and Luca Valentini have acquired qualifications in specific areas in the winemaking business and together with the oenologist Gianni Gasperithey are a part of the reality of the present Giovanni Valentini Tuscan winery. The company logo represents all of the elements characterising their lives, land and work but the logo also represents another story.


“He took the cup and drinking the sweet wine with unspeakable pleasure, of the other he asked: give me more, please, and immediately tell me your name so that I may offer you the gift of guests, which I am sure will make you happy.”

The Valentini children would often listen to the heroic feats of Ulysses of the Odyssey, as told by their uncle, as they wandered up and down in the vineyards. They were captivated by these stories, particularly the tale of the Cyclops Polyphemus which was another story starting with a journey to find the way home and where Ulysses saved himself and his companions by offering wine to Polyphemus.

The Valentini logo took shape from this myth: the stick used by Ulysses to blind Polyphemus also stands for the olive trees on the estate and holds together the other elements described in the myth: Polyphemus’s eye which watches over each production phase; the bunch of grapes as the origin of their salvation representing wine production; the acorn represents the estate’s forest of cork trees and lastly the upside down wine glass that the giant dropped when he fell to the ground.

This is the air you will breathe at the Podere Fiordaliso estate:the rebirth of a family who have decided to start a new life by following a dream. The scent lingering in the air between the grapevines is the achievement of terroir in a land that demanded a great deal of attention. The gentle breeze will caress your skin giving you the contented feeling of coming home after a long journey.