“this is our bitter Maremma, a land we have been able to sweeten over time”

There is a place in Tuscany, immersed in the gentle rolling hills of Massa Marittima, where you can smell the scent of the sea. Here lies the Podere Fiordaliso estate where you can enjoy the sight of vineyards and olive groves that stretch out as far as the eye can see. However, you will also feel at home here.

This is where the Valentini family have planted their roots, in an ancient and relatively unknown winemaking area among the more famous Tuscan wine regions. However the family rose to the challenge and the initial difficulties have been overcome.

Right in the heart of Maremma Tuscany,For almost twenty years the Valentini family have dedicated themselves to working their land in the historic municipality of Massa Marittima, Each single part of the land has been worked with deep respect and appreciation of the territory and environmentin order to bring out its best, and that includes the conversion to organic farming which began in 2021.

So it is thanks to the love, care and dedication given to the land, that the wine excels. Only a human eye, trained over generations, can create a reflection of both passion and balance giving life to wines that are refined, surprising and fascinating..