Hard work bears fruit as the saying goes. There is no better metaphor for this in the vineyard where fruit really is gathered and hard work is acknowledged at the right time.

The Valentini wine range has in fact received many awards and recognition over time, both in wine competitions as well as in the national and international wine guides. Different wines have been described with a wine score which varies according to the actual guide in question. We have decided to explain these scoring systems here as transparency is part of who we are.

Professional wine tasters give each wine a score which may be expressed in different ways. In national, international and worldwide competitions and exhibitions, wines may be awarded gold, silver or bronze medals, depending on the category and actual event where the wine has been entered.
• Grand Gold medal (Score over 92/100) • Gold medal (Score over 85/100) • Silver medal (Score over 82/100) • Bronze medal (Minimum score of 80/100)

Wine guides instead simply use a number on a 100 point scale, or symbols to score or rate the wine.

Luca Maroni Wine Guide

The Luca Maroni Wine Guide evaluates each wine for its consistency, balance and integrity, each category with a maximum of 33 points. The higher the score the higher the indication of the pleasantness index of the wine which is based on these organoleptic qualities and recalls the fruit from which it was made. Thus,

  • a 75/100 and above score indicates a wine that merits a purchase from
  • 84/100 indicates a wine which strongly recalls the fruit it was created from
  • from 92/100 an excellent quality, extremely pleasant fruitiness, a superior wine

Veronelli wine guide

The Veronelli wine guide uses symbols to evaluate wines: a flower is used when a wine is listed for the first time in the guide and is awarded with a score of between 80 and 93/100.

  • One star indicates a wine with a good score between 80 and 85/100
  • Two stars indicates a very good wine with a score between 86 and 89/100
  • Three stars indicates an excellent wine with a score between 90 and 93/100. Wines with a score of 94 or above are awarded with a Super Three Stars.

Gambero Rosso wine guide

The Gambero Rosso wine guide uses symbols of a red or black wine glass for its evaluation.

  • A black wine glass indicates a good quality wine in its category
  • Two black glasses are awarded for wines judged to be of a very good to excellent quality in their category.
  • Two red glasses are used for wines that are very good to excellent that reached a final tasting.
  • Three red glasses indicate wines of an excellent quality in their respective category.